The right frame of mind

Since the very start, we have partnered with many charitable organisations, working free of charge to help them achieve their mission. You can read a bit about some of our charitable partners to date here.

These partnerships have come to us in many forms; friends of friends, organisations getting in touch proactively, longer-term relationships etc. But we realise that this ad hoc form of pro-bono working may have its restrictions and injustices built in. We want to update our ways of working and provide a framework for all future pro-bono work, one that is free of bias.

We don’t have the answers yet for how this will look but it's important to us that it provides us with a structure to assess and monitor the impact we can have for our charitable partners. Additionally, we want to create an outreach and selection process that aims to avoid any unconscious nepotism and discrimination.

More to come as we work through this process.

Impact Summaries


  • To provide a clear framework for obtaining new charitable partnerships and to measure and track the impact and success of those partnerships

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