Making Good Choices Desirable

Fundamental to our B Corp journey is our studio philosophy of Beautility – the belief that our task as thinkers, writers, designers and makers is to make good choices desirable. For our clients – to help them make progressive choices within their organisations  – and also as a studio, to create products, services, brands and experiences that are both beautiful and useful.

", more than ever imagination and creativity are vital tools in driving new habits and behaviours."

At the heart of all of this is the very simple observation that as a society we are moving from a period of abundance to a period of conscious restriction – a realisation that our current habits are unsustainable. Whilst this sounds like a limitation of creative possibilities we see it as the opposite. Now, more than ever imagination and creativity are vital tools in driving new habits and behaviours.

Our aspiration is to be 21st century inheritors of the Arts & Crafts movement. The focus on working with the hand, heart and mind, their emphasis on nature, and the understanding of harnessing creativity in support of social reform, strikes us as increasingly vital.

Our challenge now is to build belief in this philosophy with the influential brands and organisations that we work for. Alongside that we are facilitating the development and promotion of new renewable systems, material and technologies with partners such as University of the Arts London.

"...our challenge now is to build belief in this philosophy with the influential brands and organisations that we work for."

By infusing our existing projects with a renewed focus on emergent ideas and investing time in connecting with leading edge thinkers and practitioners our ambition is to speed up the large scale application of progressive ways of thinking. True to B Corp – to make business a force for good.

Impact Summaries


  • Presented a talk on Beautility at D&AD, allowing us to share our holistic philosophy with the broader design community and inspire others with our innovative approach.
  • Continuously seeking opportunities to speak at industry events, spreading awareness and knowledge about the transformative power of Beautility.


  • Actively engaging with our customers to disseminate the messaging of Beautility, ensuring they understand and appreciate the value of making choices that are both beautiful and useful.
  • Curated an exhibition at London Craft Week that showcased our unique digital perspective and highlighted the relevance of Beautility in the digital age. This exhibition served as a platform to captivate audiences and demonstrate our commitment to merging artistry with functionality.
  • Updating all our company presentations to effectively communicate our philosophy, making it easily understandable to our clients and allowing them to appreciate the depth and significance of our approach.
  • Fostering belief in the Beautility philosophy among influential brands and organisations we collaborate with by incorporating it into all our company presentations, regularly updating our website and social media platforms to reflect our commitment and sharing inspiring content related to Beautility.
  • Establishing a Beautility Network comprised of radical thinkers, makers, and innovators who share our vision for impactful change. Through this network, we seek partnerships for future projects, enabling us to collectively make a significant difference and revolutionise the way people perceive and approach design.


  • Rearticulating and updating our company philosophy of Beautility, ensuring clarity and understanding throughout the entire company, in light of our B Corp certification.
  • Conducting a comprehensive studio-wide engagement survey to gather insights and feedback from our employees, enabling us to better understand their perspectives and enhance their overall experience.

  • Demonstrating our unwavering commitment to impact reporting and transparency, ensuring that we openly communicate the outcomes and effects of our actions. By doing so, we hold ourselves accountable and showcase our dedication to being a responsible and ethical organisation.
  • Engaging the entire company in revisiting our values, seeking input from all employees to ensure that our values align with their aspirations and reflect the collective ethos of our team. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of ownership and strengthens our shared commitment to Beautility.
  • Organising a studio-wide morning session dedicated to exploring all aspects of Beautility. During this interactive session, we shared updates on our company's philosophy and its profound impact on various aspects of our work. The session aimed to provide clarity to our workers regarding our mission and empower them to confidently express it to our customers and our wider community.

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