Life by the Here Year

Here is a company of thinkers, writers, designers and makers united by our studio philosophy of Beautility. We are on a mission to make good choices desirable, whether that’s by helping our clients make progressive choices with their brands and operations or by engaging our external communities and internal Here team in co-creating a future world we all want to live in.

...our way of organising ourselves according to quarterly seasonal themes: Spring: Newness; Summer: Liberation; Autumn: Order; Winter: Unity.

We dive into all of this and more on quarterly Beautility Days. These days align with the change in seasons and link to the ‘Here Year’: our way of organising ourselves according to quarterly seasonal themes: Spring: Newness; Summer: Liberation; Autumn: Order; Winter: Unity.

Beautility Days are for inspiration, engagement with the mission, forging deeper personal connections, knowledge-sharing and opening our minds to new ideas and experiences. We come together to learn and to share mission-led work and initiatives which demonstrate Beautility in action. Food forms a large part of our studio culture and Beautility Days always include a moment to break bread with one another.

These sessions allow every member of the team to find a way to engage in our mission, whether that’s volunteering to organise activity, finding external guest speakers, hosting sessions, presenting work or contributing thoughts and ideas during the day.

To date, we have learned about the BCorp movement and our role within it, explored ED&I and what it means to have inclusive mindsets and held all-company discussions on becoming a plastic-free business. We have shared innovative carbon capture work and learned from Made in Hackney, a local food justice charity, how to prepare food that is in harmony with nature and minimises waste.

Over the next 12 months we plan to formalise the structure of Beautility Days further to ensure key business objectives flow through the seasons. For example, this year we have established a Governance Team to bring formality to stakeholder governance, with team members ensuring their needs are fully represented during our Beautility Days.

Impact Summaries


  • Engage with the external community and foster a sense of co-creation for a better future world.
  • Share mission-led work and initiatives that demonstrate Beautility in action.
  • Held discussions on important topics, such as ED&I and plastic-free initiatives, to raise awareness and drive positive change.
  • Learned from local food justice charity Made in Hackney, gaining insights on preparing food in harmony with nature and minimising waste.
  • Strengthen community engagement by expanding outreach and collaboration with local organisations and initiatives.
  • Share more innovative and impactful projects during Beautility Days to inspire the wider community.
  • Identify opportunities to contribute to the local community through volunteer work, partnerships, or educational programs.


  • Cement the seasonal Beautility days as a way to reflect our commitment as custodians of nature and the planet
  • Held a debate on how we could move towards becoming a plastic-free business, highlighting our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Continue prioritising sustainability in all aspects of Beautility Days, including food choices and waste reduction.


  • Formalise the structure of Beautility Days to align with key business objectives throughout the seasons.
  • Establish a Governance Team to enhance stakeholder governance during Beautility Days.
  • Explored the BCorp movement and our role within it, fostering a deeper understanding of our impact and purpose.
  • Further develop the Governance Team to ensure comprehensive representation of stakeholder needs during Beautility Days.


  • Create opportunities for inspiration, engagement, and personal connections among the Here team.
  • Foster a sense of shared mission and encourage participation in Beautility Days.
  • Enabled team members to engage in various roles during Beautility Days, such as organising activities, hosting sessions, and presenting work.
  • Encouraged knowledge-sharing and learning from external speakers and initiatives.
  • Enhance the structure of Beautility Days to provide even more meaningful engagement and learning experiences for the team.

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