A structure from the seasons

Any business has its cycles and rituals. Often this calendar is informed by one significant commercial construct: the financial year. Reporting, planning, organising around a monetary focus. We saw the opportunity to break this assumption, and instead organise ourselves around nature’s rhythms.

The Here Year is our naturally integrated plan that is beautiful and useful, giving direction, coherence and form to all that we do. Each season has a different focus, a universal need relevant for our business, for us as individuals and for our clients. This structure has led to our own year-long programme of cultural learning and inspirations that is woven together with timeless seasonal rituals.

Spring, a time for newness.
Summer, a time for liberation
Autumn, a time for order
Winter, a time for unity.

In the Spring of 2022 we created and curated an exhibition for London Craft Week. Partnering with the students from the Material Futures MA at UAL, Central St. Martins, we gave ourselves the challenge of exploring the question - how can fusing beauty and function change the world?

Guided by our team, the students approached real world problems with innovations in the beauty, fashion and glass making industries. We felt it important to use our platform and influence to make connections between the students and brands and to showcase this at a press-worthy exhibition. The project was an eye-opening period of mutual learning, fitting for a time of Newness.

In the Summer of 2022, we brought Liberation to life in our partnership with DACRC, the Design Against Crime Research Centre. Born from the idea that creativity can help reframe personal identity and build self esteem, we worked with prisoners in HMP Isis to plan and produce UNTOLD, a creative magazine, by and for inmates. The project was an opportunity to get out of comfort zones, and work within a new set of restrictions in a way that was really freeing.

In Autumn 2022, we set to work on planning, budgeting and reviewing our BCorp commitments. This period of Order was vital, setting us up for the coming year, so like a coiled spring we’d be ready for action.

For Winter 2022, we wanted to celebrate unity in a slightly different way from our usual merry and delicious dinners. Our definition of unity doesn’t stop at our studio. It also refers to our larger community. To help spread some warmth and light beyond our circle, we volunteered with Under One Sky to prepare, pack and distribute food parcels to rough sleepers around London. We aim to continue this Winter tradition.

Our definition of unity doesn’t stop at our studio. It also refers to our larger community.

As Spring 2023 rolled in, so did Craft Week. This year, we felt inspired to approach hand-made craftsmanship through a digital lens. A counterintuitive and new take on an age-old artform. Led by our digital department, we created physical art with the help of algorithms. All our teams came together to transform digitally generated patterns into screenprints, vases, tapestries, poetry and music. Intrigued? You can read more about it here.

Winter 2023, a time for unity, will see us collaborating to overcome new challenges as we work with our pro-bono charity partner Untold. Evolving from the magazine we co-produced with inmates in the summer 2022, we will now be co-designing a brand identity with young men in prison. Find out more about everything we hope to achieve over the coming months.

On a smaller scale, Our Here Year is peppered with cultural happenings to bring the team together outside the studio, from the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition at 180 The Strand, to in-studio Still Life Drawing sessions and yoga classes.

Reflecting on the last year has only put more importance on the need for studio culture and togetherness, and we look forward to what’s to come.

Impact Summaries


  • To create meaningful work for DACRC and HMP Isis during Black History Month, showcasing our commitment to honouring and celebrating Black history.
  • We maintain our commitment to collaborate with Untold throughout 2023, actively participating in their programme of branding education for prisoners and co-designing brand identities within prison walls.

- Our work for DACRC and HMP Isis for Black History month manifested as a series of inspirational posters designed for display at HMP Isis. These visual works were ultimately displayed at Central Saint Martins and Somerset House.
- We partnered with Untold and built a programme of branding education for prisoners. We established a way to co-design the brand identity within prison and to empower these young men with design skills. You can find more about this project here.
- During our Spring Beautility Day we also had a wonderful session with Made in Hackney, a Local Community Food Kitchen who beleives everyone should have access to healthy, affordable food that's good for people and planet. They came into our studio to talk to us about seasonality and created a nutirious and affordable lunch for the team.

  • We remain committed to establishing and expanding the Beautility Days, ensuring they are as inspirational as possible and always have community building at their heart.
  • Looking ahead to 2024, our goal is to establish a framework for collaboration with charities and social enterprises. This initiative aims to create meaningful partnerships and drive positive change. Further information about this can be found here.


  • As part of our longstanding tradition, we have always acknowledged the start of each season. From wintry walks during the equinox to invigorating wild swims on the summer solstice, we take the time to simply be together in nature, embracing its beauty and tranquillity.
  • We have proactively sought to establish these days, now known as 'Beautility Days,' to be more impactful and meaningful. They have evolved to provide a structured framework and expanded opportunities for company-wide community engagement. More details about the Beautility Days can be found here.


  • We prioritise structuring our internal and external communications around the seasons, recognising the importance of following nature's rhythms. This serves as a constant reminder that we are custodians of nature and encourages us to stay connected to our place within it.
  • Our commitment to enhancing The Here Year remains steadfast as we continually seek new ways to elevate it and integrate it into our daily operations.


  • Our self-initiated exhibition for Craft Week not only provides creative opportunities beyond our regular client work, but also serves as a platform for learning and development for our team members.
  • Throughout the year, we offer ongoing opportunities for our workers to engage in cultural events that foster team unity outside of the studio. From visiting exhibitions like Ryoji Ikeda at 180 The Strand, to participating in in-studio activities such as Still Life Drawing sessions, yoga classes, run clubs, book clubs, and games nights, we prioritise holistic well-being and a sense of community.
  • We remain dedicated to establishing and expanding the Beautility Days, ensuring they are as inspirational as possible. These days serve as invaluable opportunities for our team to connect, prioritise their health and well-being, and immerse themselves in cultural experiences.

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