Small brands, big impact

As a design agency, our central mission is to make good choices desirable. In all of our work, we prompt brands to make the better choice, one that’s more sustainable, healthy and useful in a way that is still appealing. We do that by creating brands with a cultural purpose (a reason for being that consumers can relate to) and an integrated design ecosystem (which is a fancy way of saying that voice, audio and visuals – whether physical or digital – should all work together seamlessly).

Many brands have an amazing cultural purpose already but aren’t using design and branding to its full potential. Often these brands are start-ups or small growing businesses, who are not able to afford big design agency fees. Money shouldn’t be a reason to stop good brands getting their voices out there, so we partner with them for a reduced rate – and often throw in a little more because we just can’t help ourselves. We know that with good design these brands could go on to have an even bigger impact.

Over the next 12 months, we’ll be looking at how to assess which companies we invest our time in and why, and how to track our impact and progress. You can read about that Here. Some of our recent partners include Homethings, Two Drifters and NoMoSu:


The world of cleaning is cluttered. Homethings is here to freshen things up. Tim Keaveney and Matt Aubrey are challenging the global homecare industry to clean up its act with their revolutionary refillable products. They came to us looking for packaging and a visual identity that pack a cleansing punch: loud and proud and with an axe to grind. You can see the work on our website here.

Two Drifters

Two Drifters is a Devon-base rum distillery that has been setting new standards in innovation and sustainability since 2019, but their existing packaging and brand world wasn’t living up to its potential. They needed a new identity that would match their trailblazing spirit and brand beliefs. We created a bespoke eco-driven aesthetic, echoing Two Drifters unwavering commitment to reducing environmental impact so that a rum made with a negative carbon footprint could be encased in something equally environmentally-minded and innovative. If you want to see what that looks like, check our website here.


There are lots of snacks out there that claim to be healthy or sugar-free. NoMoSu – a name that stands for No Mo Sugar – wanted to cut through that sugar haze with a range of snacks and treats that are truly sugar-free, genuinely healthy and completely delicious. Because natural sugars are not always good for us, and sugar alternatives turn out not to be so healthy after all. Sugar, in any form, processed or unprocessed, still has the ability to disrupt our reality, affect our energy levels and interfere with sleep. Our design aim was to present the conscious clarity that comes from reducing your sugar intake. See more here.

Impact Summaries


  • Investing our time in companies which we believe are doing impactful things for people and planet. We believe with amazing branding and messaging, they can do even more.
  • Over the next 12 months, we’ll be endeavouring how we assess which companies we invest our time in and why, and how to track our impact and progress of that work.
  • We're continuning to invest our time in partnerships with brands we think are doing incredible and admirable things like Skydiamond, the world's first carbon negative diamond. Stay tuned to find out how this project unfolds.

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