Pro bono passion projects

We have always worked for multiple charities and social causes, providing pro bono for projects we’re passionate about. Historically, this has meant providing our skills for initiatives like A Good Dinner.

In more recent years, we have helped launch London’s first LGBTQ+ Community Centre with a warm and welcoming voice and new dynamic identity that celebrates diversity and free expression amongst the community. The Centre is a safe space that encourages learning, socialising, and relaxing but also offers information, help and advice. We were thrilled to contribute to the wellbeing and connectedness of the community through our bright design and inviting tone.

We also rebranded Under One Sky, a volunteer-led charity that aims to end homelessness through education, empathy, and collaboration. As is often the case with volunteer-led organisations, the brand had been pieced together by anyone who could donate their time and efforts. It had great potential but lacked the consistency and personality that it deserved to grow. To give them the platform they merited, we created an optimistic brand world united by an inclusive colour palette, symbolic logo, expressive applications, heartfelt tagline and rousing mission statement. We are continuing to support them in the creation of their website and upcoming book, a guide to living compassionately.

For BoxUp Crime, a youth organisation realising social change through social innovation, we worked collaboratively with Central St Martins to update an existing work booklet by making it feel more inspiring and appealing. Offering mentoring, education and safe spaces to vulnerable youth, BoxUp Crime uses this tool to document progress and map out goals – both personal and professional. We also worked to help visualise ideas for specific session activities in an engaging and illustrative way.

After all, what could be more beautiful and useful than doing our bit to make a real difference?

Moving forward, we are looking at a collectively more rigorous structure where we align on one big project each year, just as we have for the charity Untold, in collaboration with HMP Isis. Untold is a programme that works with young men in prison to build technical and soft skills required for entry-level positions in the creative industries – and prepare them for a life with untold potential. Working together with the young men in prison, we started by creating a magazine they could call their own and use to express themselves while also giving them an insight into life at a creative studio. As a next step, we gave the brand a refresh through a new logo, sophisticated and bold website, and simple and straightforward yet optimistic tone of voice.

When we work with these inspirational clients and use our talents for social or environmental good, that’s when our guiding philosophy of “Beautility” really comes to life. After all, what could be more beautiful and useful than doing our bit to make a real difference?

We believe that all our clients can and should have a positive influence in the world, however change is often achieved at a faster rate in smaller, more nimbler brands. If we can help them reach a wider audience, they can become a visible benchmark for bigger clients, an advert for progressive change from our portfolio and beyond.

Impact Summaries


  • Transition from sporadic projects to committing to one partner per year, fostering deeper and more meaningful engagement.
  • Successfully concluded our partnership with Under One Sky, where we created a captivating new brand identity and website for them, amplifying their impact and driving positive change.
  • Formed a partnership with Untold for the year 2023, originally intending to develop a brand identity for them. The collaboration evolved into a design education programme, resulting in a co-designed brand identity with prisoners. Further information about this transformative initiative can be found here.

Review our framework for pro-bono partnerships to provide an effecrtiive way of monitoring impact and ensure we mitigate any potential unconsioucs bias and discrimination. You can read more about this here.


  • Maintain a balance between scheduled client work and purpose-driven briefs to offer our team a diverse range of projects that provide variety, inspiration, and fulfillment.

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